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Standards for Dangerous Goods

Australian and international standards cover goods that, by their nature, present the possibility of danger to workers or the general public.  These standards cover such aspects as handling, storage and transport of dangerous goods. There are also strict regulations governing this area.

Standards for Transformers (Power Supplies)

Standards cover electrical safety, installation energy efficiency and electromagnetic compatibility standards for different types of transformers. Low voltage transformers are also required to meet ingress (IP) protection tests.

Standards for Circuit Breakers and Safety Switches

Electrical safety, installation and electromagnetic compatibility standards apply to circuit-breakers and safety switches. Safety switches are also described by the terms 'Residual Current Device' or 'RCD'. Miniature overcurrent circuit-breakers are often used with household and related types of electrical equipment.

Cords, Plugs, Sockets, Outlet Devices and Appliance Connectors

Manufacturing and electrical wiring standards cover cords, plugs, sockets, outlet devices and appliance connectors.

Standards for Portable Control and Conditioning Devices

Manufacturing and installation standards cover control and conditioning devices used with different types of household and related types of electrical equipment. These devices include remote control devices, timing devices, lighting dimmer switches and energy regulators.

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