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Accreditation and industry certification activities

The current market issue

In today’s society it is often a requirement to state objectively conformity of products and services to specified requirements.

In the regulatory sector, government authorities implement laws covering the approval of products (including services) for reasons of safety, health, environmental protection, fraud prevention or market fairness.

In the voluntary sector, many lines of industry have, both within an economy as well as globally, set up systems for conformity assessment and approval, aiming at achieving a minimum technical level, enabling comparability, and also ensuring competition on equal terms.

Accreditation and certification schemes are created to objectively validate conformity.   This objective validation is conducted through conformity assessment activities that include certification, inspection, testing and calibrated systems.

It is extremely challenging establishing and operating effective and efficient accreditation and certification systems.  To ensure the systems are recognised and have the required transparency, rigor and authority international protocols must be followed.  The additional benefit in using these protocols is that schemes can be internationally aligned and recognised, promoting better trade.


How StanCert can help

StanCert can assist by helping you building and operate your certification scheme.

We can also help you obtain endorsement from the Joint Accreditation System of Australia & New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) the organisation that validates such schemes.  The benefits of working with StanCert include:

  • Being seen to take a responsible leadership role in industry by providing robust certification systems with a greater level of governance, transparency, substance and rigor than other providers offering similar services in the market.
  • Ensuring that standards development and certification activities are aligned with internationally accepted and endorsed best practice.
  • Consolidating your brand and position as the pre-eminent body in the industry.
  • Leveraging the formal standards and accreditation system to add authority to your certification system.
  • Increasing the efficiency, effectiveness, governance, integrity, sustainability, and extendibility of your standards development and certification schemes.
  • Continuing to improve the level of professionalism in your industry.


Why choose StanCert

StanCert has a proven track record for helping organisations establish and maintain accredited certification schemes.  Some of our clients in this area include the National Health and Medical Research Council, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia and the Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL).


Call StanCert to discuss this service

We invite you to contact us to discuss your requirements or to request further information about our services.  Please call us on +61 2 8721 6434 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.